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Kitesurfing Lessons In Cape Town & Langebaan

Kitesurfing is one of the greatest watersports to learn on vacation or as a full time hobby. It is exciting, thrilling and you can learn everything you need to in about 12 hours depending on the student.

Cape Town is one of the best places in the world to take kitesurfing lessons due to our fantastic conditions, windy summer days, beautiful beaches and committed kitesurfing community.

Cape Town is home to the Red Bull King of the Air and a number of professional kitesurfers make an annual migration to Cape Town each year to spend the Northern Hemisphere winter enjoying South Africa’s warm summer days and predictable winds.

Big Bay Surf and our kitesurfing school at Cabrinha kitesurfing offer some of the best kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town from our headquarters in Big Bay.

We run our lessons from two locations, our store in Big Bay and in Langebaan.

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Big Bay

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Read on to learn more about our different lessons options.

Full Beginner – Intermediate Kitesurfing Course


If you really want to get into kitesurfing and are dedicated to get up and riding as soon as possible, then this is the course for you. It includes 12 hours of kitesurfing lessons where we will try and run all your lessons over 3 – 4 days, if the weather conditions allow.

By having all your lessons in quick succession it improves your learning ability and retention, meaning you will get the hang of kitesurfing quicker and be on the water sooner.


  • Intensive training
  • 2 days of lessons in Cape Town ( 4 hours per day)
  • 1 day in Langebaan with transport from Big Bay to Langebaan  to master your board riding skills

3 Hr Group Intro Kitesurfing Lesson

R1050 per person

We offer a 3-hour Introduction Course for people who want to give kitesurfing a try and get a basic understanding of how kitesurfing works.

We will teach you all the following first steps.

Here you will learn:

  • Theory about weather, safety and wind conditions
  • How to get started, i.e. kite set-up, how to pump your kite, how to connect your lines
  • First kite flying, safety and control using a small foil kite
  • Safety systems and use thereof
  • Kite flying skills with a regular kite

4 Hr Group Intermediate Kitesurfing Course

R3180 Per Person

We offer a 4-hour Course for people who have already had lessons but would like to continue practicing or to progress in kitesurfing. This is also for someone who has completed the introduction course and would like to continue with body dragging and board start.

Premium Private
Kitesurfing Lessons

1h R795 Peer Hour

In a private lesson you have the undivided attention of the instructor to ensure your fast progression.  You also get more time with the kite and in the water to master each lesson and skill.

If you are looking to progress quickly, this is the best option for you.

If you are looking to learn more advanced skills or to get a 1 on 1 refresher this is also a fantastic option.

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